Anti skid temporarily off на вольво хс90

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PiotrK18 07 January 2018

+Oscar Zamora What? In chorzów, Poland, Volvotech does regeneration of contact reel for 88,10USD. I asked them today, because my dad has the same problem in S60. How much for sensor I don t know.

Emiliano Cese 11 January 2018

is the angle sensor under the steering wheel

GamerGods Broadcasts 15 January 2018

I have the message of anti skid service required and then anti skid temporarily off. But I don t have the yellow anti skid light illuminating. s60 2003, not worth fixing unless it s a cheap part I d do it but probably isn t so ill live with it till it dies.

Connor Lindfors 18 January 2018

I have the same message on my 2006 S80, it only seems to go on when I turn the wheel close to full lock at a stop or at low speeds, basically when trying to make a tight parking maneuver, only my traction control does not illuminate

Tom Poole 21 January 2018

Dealer says the angle sensor not only affects the anti-skid but could cause the airbag to fail. Doesn t make any sense to me.

Pilch 28 January 2018

Just keep driving right.sorted lol

Daniel Boccuzzi 03 February 2018

Could be a steering angle sensor, too.

sh1nny 07 February 2018

My XC90 anti-skid light came on as well but not due to the steering wheel. The dealer says I need new differential electrical module. And the part alone was $1300.

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