Toyota corolla levin ae86

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  • Дата публикации: 07 January 2018
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Drewsky Herrera 07 January 2018

those high cams literally makes this engine sound like a k20 LOL vvti just kicked in yo! 14:53 lol love your vids man!

Wataru Akiyama 13 January 2018

Wow it’s beautiful. 😍 one of my dream cars!

eg Gaz 14 January 2018

Take the driving gloves off ffs. Senna you are not.

steve stever 16 January 2018

Can’t believe how light it is still with most of its interior plus a cage

ronald henson 17 January 2018

i used to own a 1991 toyota camry dx my car died i put $3000.00 in that car 2 timing belts thermostat fuel pump and fuel filter spark plugs and wires distributor cap and alternator

An Trinh 18 January 2018

that motor might come from the ae92 but that s not the latest 4age, the latest 4age 16v is the redtop small port and it has a spark plug cover ( the blue top doesn t), the latest 4age 20v is the black top ( silver top 20v right before that).

Jin Kazamasan 21 January 2018

hi.can you post video how to fix bogging problem issue on 20v bt?i have bogging problem on my engine and i cant find cause of bogging.i did change fuel pump avs 255 and fuel regulator sard but still bogging.i also check the o2 sencor.tps but nothing change

Duck_ RBLX 23 January 2018

That my friend is NOT a AE86 BUT it s the AE85 Levin the AE86 is Trueno

Fiend O'caster 29 January 2018

3:22 sounds about right. This is porn after all

Grip Limit 31 January 2018

Silk road. I have their coilovers in my S14, nobody has ever heard of them.

zeroswings2 02 February 2018

oil temperature? hey, that s not just any ol oil temp gauge. thats an Omori gauge you glazed right over! I ve got Omori white face gauges in my car in 45mm. they are cool, kinda rare and they ain t cheap

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