2011 skoda fabia rs

рейтинг: 4.3 - 21 voice
  • Дата публикации: 04 January 2018
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  • Длительность: 00:04:11


Tomáš Ratiborský 04 January 2018

:D do you know what concern politic means right? :D why skoda could not be even in that time more lucrative :)

Darja Gavrilova 08 January 2018

Peace of crap this car! Already paid 1,600£ for repairs. Engine. Cooler.

oasisdelnorte 12 January 2018

The seat had the belt already on! lol. Watch 1:48 min

Karthik Anand 15 January 2018

Started from the top. Now we re here. :D

Hamza Chaww 20 January 2018

Bought one the other day but trust me its too quick for a front wheel drive

Jack Bailhache 26 January 2018

the seat bases fold out for them to go flat

Ara J 29 January 2018

I like everything about it BUT not for me since no manual 

Denny Bh 02 February 2018

Bought one (estate) from my Mum a few days ago (lol she s 73) talk about one careful lady driver. A pocket rocket indeed,

Dominic Rawle 06 February 2018

This guy hasn t done his homework properly by the comments. Heating isn t manual either. It s called climatic. It looks like 80s heating controls, but it does adjust the temperature,etc by itself.

grishagreg 13 February 2018

I have this car over a year now and still love it:)))))))))))))Every single run make my face smile where put right foot all way down and DSG do it the right job.Really nice car to get some sport FUN:)

Nic Brindell 16 February 2018

What i think alot of people don t realise too, is that the Skoda also comes in a Wagon (which i own), which can mean on one weekend, surf boards on the roof, bikes and camping gear in the back, and then on the other, a 139mph beast )

Dellacondan 22 February 2018

Yes, the back seats DO fold completely flat. Try reading the handbook.

Dellacondan 25 February 2018

And no, I dont hit my head getting in and out of my fabia RS, whereas, the polo gti.

fds 02 March 2018

Really good review. Enjoyed that well done

Ben Muckley 06 March 2018

Awesome car, A Wolf in sheeps clothing!

Daniel Fl. 10 March 2018

The skoda actually looks quite good:o

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