911 cabriolet carrera porsche

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  • Дата публикации: 15 February 2018
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Cabin Creek 16 February 2018

Nice video. That car needed some serious detailing. I can t believe the dealership put their name badge on the back of the car.

martinz1001 22 February 2018

Nice car. I wanted to hear some driving too!

Nemesis2.3 28 February 2018

Love this car, do you know how mush would it be a monthly payment with insurance? Thinking of buying 1 over summer after I find a job.

MichaelAdamsRocks 06 March 2018

Eh, that s close to what s it worth. It s 10 years old, but it only has about 17,000 miles on it. It s still a baby.

MichaelAdamsRocks 08 March 2018

Brand new, this one was $96,750. The dealership is currently selling it for $39,899.

MichaelAdamsRocks 12 March 2018

I just did a 2013 Ford Taurus SHO if that s what you re wondering.

MichaelAdamsRocks 14 March 2018

If I could have, I would have. lol

manofthefog 15 March 2018

cruising with a porsche? c mon man you should have made some donuts! :P

bmwmsport11 18 March 2018

Did you ever do that ford taurus next to this? Great video.

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