Сравнить ниссан х трейл и хонда срв 2016

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Capt’n John 05 January 2018

Reliability test results, 100 is average, above is worst, below is better. Nissan x trail result is 81. Honda CR-V result is 59. Ratings done by a professional company.

Yapin Gomez 10 January 2018

nissan rogue is the best seller today than honda crv and the base model of nissan rogue is better than honda crv

Lisandro Marrero 16 January 2018

nissan murano platinum el caballo de troya.en todo es mejor gue el pedazo de lata honda

Zahir Ahmed 20 January 2018

Nissan xtrail is waaaaaaayyyyy! better than crv

Vivian Price 26 January 2018

My daughter is having a.nissan xtrail soon so excited but nissan need to go back to the drawing board and do sumthin abt the room for the 7 seat version way to small but very happy with the 5 seater thank you.

Show Man 28 January 2018


Veronica23 30 January 2018

nissan es un pupu porque los puestos de atrás son chiquitos tengo 19 años y no me caben los pies sorry😬

Angel Reyes 05 February 2018

nissan no cambia nada solo imita.

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