Система nissan connect руководство

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  • Дата публикации: 18 March 2018
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Ibraheem 19 March 2018

Idk what music y’all listening to, bcoz my music sounds fine in the car😂🤷‍♂️

Wadsy 20 March 2018

I am very disappointed with the audio output from the Qashqai. I can’t get the settings how I want no matter what I do. The sound gives me a headache and it’s too high pitched. I want to buy my own speakers.

Dean Shields 23 March 2018

If you want a better quality head unit the perfectly fits your vehicle and is all plug and play, with a lot of features, GPS, spotify, internet access and download apps from the google play store etc. Look no further and buy a Growl Audio Head unit.

Tahir Khan 28 March 2018

Hi, how to find the place of SD card of GPS in Nissan Patrol 2016, Please can you help

Rihana Hussaini 30 March 2018

That is the best thing l seen do more videos

Jeremiah Johnson 06 April 2018

Have a 16 Rogue. this thing is useless.

BooHu 09 April 2018

Nissan Sucks! Can t see how people like theres cheap plastic cars.

duncho 15 April 2018

It s rubbish with no usefull apps! Audio output terrible (even when upgraded with decent DSP and powered by external amp and speakers), poor performance, terrible graphics, poor radio reception, includes software bugs. Simply dissapointing waste of hardly earned money.

Ollie Stewart 20 April 2018

What s up, yo? It s astounding tame billowy What s your opinion about this!

Thomas J Wigglesworth 23 April 2018

Toyota system claims to be rather good so if you could maybe test that and upload. it would be lovely

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