Мерседес с камином топ гир

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  • Дата публикации: 16 January 2018
  • Просмотры: 1698
  • Длительность: 00:09:12


læzy lozer reviews 2600 17 January 2018

I wish I had this m8 pretty much my dream car, though maybe a bit to classy

agreen182 22 January 2018

Her design is so good though. I want that car.

Gibb Zee 28 January 2018

That awkward moment when she realizes her names not in the cars title.

Mr. Incredible 31 January 2018

I love how she acts all pompous like she knows what’s she talking about and then you see her work. absolute trash. She went to school, did what the text books say and she passed university. Shows NOTHING of intelligence or creativity. Her designs are worse than my sons. And I don’t even have a son

Izzy Field 02 February 2018

Her design is drunk driving 2.0

CRAZY TORQUE 08 February 2018

If only the Stig drove it fast around corners too

iHeart GT86 {KatyCat} 13 February 2018

So that s why french cars are not user friendly. (except the new 3008)

somethingsock 17 February 2018

What? Vile? Salt and vinegar chips are great!

roofortuyn 23 February 2018

I love the contrast between these two. Designer: Zis is stupid, Zis is never going to work. Jeremy: G e t s s t u f f d o n e.

Galvastorm 27 February 2018

From 5:45 to 9:11. I was dying of laughter! LOL!

JAM 17 02 March 2018

4:48 to 4:55 But it was and here it is - Jeremy Clarkson 2009

Cybernetic Demon WarLord of Doom 07 March 2018

This is not design, this is SET design. Sooo.it IS design.

Cybernetic Demon WarLord of Doom 13 March 2018

I d quaint my ride into a log cabin.

Liam H 20 March 2018

At 4:52 if u look right behind Clarkson you can see the designer herself! (or someone who looks a lot like her)

Thom_Lee123 26 March 2018

She is one of the worst designers ever

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