Benz v class mercedes

рейтинг: 4.4 - 32 voice
  • Дата публикации: 03 March 2018
  • Просмотры: 709
  • Длительность: 00:12:10


Qhawe Teyise 04 March 2018

Even I could do better than this damp squib of a review.

Robert Bidochon 09 March 2018

Mercedes, now you need to bring it on a full ev platform with solid state batteries and autonomous level 4!

HajkK 13 March 2018

Werk jij vanaf Autostrada of andere locatie?

Ezaarkash 15 March 2018

ok - so let me guess, it is not for sale in the USA? which sucks and disappointing not to be able to buy one.

Naji Ezzeddine 19 March 2018

12v plug in the back, that makes it luxurious

StellarBlue1 20 March 2018

WITH ENOUGH MONEY even a METRIS can be an AMG. Amazing, isn t it?

Kamuichan99 23 March 2018

Maßlos überteuert für das was man kriegt. Laughably overpriced for what you get. The Toyota Alphard blows this thing out of the water.

Noorullah Khan 26 March 2018

Too dark can t see the interior properly, a bad choice to record the video in a car park.

Haserot Malach 30 March 2018

Did he mention the leather covered dashboard? How about the (faux) carbon fiber? 😆

Ben Cojo 01 April 2018

Not worth $75,000, when a Honda Odyssey has a lot more options and futures. Don’t get me wrong I love Mercedes Benz but not on this. Maybe if the price on this would be no more than $48k

k444mml 07 April 2018

+Doug Demuro Which one did Doug review then

Akhil Ghosh 10 April 2018

So which version did Doug get? 😝

maniac32145 14 April 2018

Can you fall down the third row seats?

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