Audi a6 mercedes e bmw 5

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carwow 09 May 2018

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Randall Donadio 13 May 2018

Glad I went with the 5. It looks a little more aggressive over the Benz. The interior of the 5 (2018) is actually nicer in person than the E class believe it or not even though for some reason the E class interior looks sicker in videos. So weird.

Miles Jr 14 May 2018

I became mercedes fan because of E class coupe.

TheLastMag 20 May 2018

That manual A6 though. Why is Audi sooooo stingy with sending the US only automatics.

TNazimov911 23 May 2018

This channel should have 5 million subs.

Waqas Mehboob 30 May 2018

hi pal.did u make any video audi a6 vs bmw 5 race

theaveragehousecat 01 June 2018

Mercedes is the connoisseur of interiors, Audi specialise in quality and technology and bmw focuses on a sporty and fun drive.

Jat Singh 03 June 2018

So your comparing the older 5 series and older A6 with the latest Merc? Not surprised the result is what it is. You also stated the MPG but the 5 series had a 3.0 litre engine and the merc had the 2.0 engine, hardly comparably

HA K 05 June 2018

Man this guy has no taste, Audi is the sexiest compared to bmw and Mercedes

Michael Usatine 11 June 2018

Should have used the Audi S5 Sportback

MrGinocon 12 June 2018

I wonder how the others will compare to the all new Audi A6 just released.

mada 13 June 2018

Useless comparison when the E Class is a W213. Test needs to be done again this year after the new A6 comes out.

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