Audi a6 mercedes e bmw 5

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  • Дата публикации: 08 May 2018
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carwow 09 May 2018

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Randall Donadio 13 May 2018

Glad I went with the 5. It looks a little more aggressive over the Benz. The interior of the 5 (2018) is actually nicer in person than the E class believe it or not even though for some reason the E class interior looks sicker in videos. So weird.

Miles Jr 14 May 2018

I became mercedes fan because of E class coupe.

TheLastMag 20 May 2018

That manual A6 though. Why is Audi sooooo stingy with sending the US only automatics.

TNazimov911 23 May 2018

This channel should have 5 million subs.

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