Lexus rx350 сброс сервисного интервала

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  • Дата публикации: 10 May 2018
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ricky hawkins 10 May 2018

thank you I would have never figured this out

Scott Dicken 13 May 2018

trip a man, gotta be in trip a.

ONCEfineapplinus 19 May 2018

some cars need to be on trip a and not on odo

Chris Minshall 23 May 2018

it s trip a not Odom mileage like said in video

alexrelisys 27 May 2018

2013 rx 350with nav worked on trip a like mentioned thank you

poetlene1 31 May 2018

Thank you for sharing. This was so easy and I was all stressed out because my dealer is 50 miles away and they didn t reset after my oil change.

lolus pololus 01 June 2018

Thank you for a helpfull movie,

K SrJames 04 June 2018

i did exactly like u did on mu lexus gs 350 2013 it didnt work my friend

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