Lexus is sportcross 300

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Marco Palmeri 06 March 2018

Hey Ryan - What settings are you running on the KWs? I also have a sportcross with KWs and FIGS parts. I have it set on the KW recommended starting point so far. Your s looks dialed, so I am curious to your settings. Thanks!

LAtoMars 08 March 2018

I love My Sportcross. I’m one of a few here in Los Angeles, I’ve probably seen 4 out here.

zachary prentice 13 March 2018

Shouting at the deer haha. I am looking at getting a 2002 with 216k miles. I think that s not too many and even if it is, I can replace the engine with a supra engine for not that much.

Alex Baked 14 March 2018

the car was designed in 1995 so it actually was meant to be a competitor to the e36 but by the time it was released the e46 was already out and they marketed as a competitor anyway

E.T's jdm House 18 March 2018

👍👍 what hast to be done to the traction control for manual swap?

Toyota4Life 20 March 2018

Just brought my manual IS300 and its a dream car.

eduardo medina 22 March 2018


DesertDetailing 27 March 2018

man.that manual swap though.brilliant. Awesome car man! Do you have an IG account I can follow?

Steven Ellis 31 March 2018

Fellow Sportcross owner here, I love mine! i wish mine was manual and had an LSD, but you nailed it on the head: its a great daily! Love this one as well!

Jared Diaz 03 April 2018

Great review guys. I have owned a sportcross for 4 years now and it s the best. Elegant, functional, sporty, and rare! Plus, the aftermarket world is huge for this platform!

Keksi the Labrador 07 April 2018

Was the sportcross really called a shooting brake or is it a new meme word for every rare wagon? Too bad these are very rare in my country, I don t think that many people even realize that a IS wagon exists.

Obeyful Hoonigan 11 April 2018

This shit was fucking gold! Loved it. Hahaha keep up the good work bud :D

President Platov 12 April 2018

Name of the brunette chick please

eduardo medina 14 April 2018

Seriously looking forward to seeing this is on youre channel great content LOVE a channel that isnt scared to cuss and be aggressive

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