Kia optima или mazda 6

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maurice benton 24 February 2018

Definitely was paid off by Kia. This car could not dare compare to maxda6 any yr, especially 2017

1969cmp 02 March 2018

A shame you fellas don t use kilowatts, newton meters, litres/100kms, litres to measure boot capacity.having said that, I like your presentations.

Noel Lopez 05 March 2018

I own a 2011 Kia Optima and its done me so well.but ive been curious on this Mazda6 for my next car.still debating between the Mazda6 and the 2016 Kia Optima.

Mario Vazquez 11 March 2018

Nice comparison. Should also include phone plug-in compatibility. While KIA supports both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, last time I read Mazda infotainment lacked those.

Trades46 13 March 2018

For numbers favor the Kia. However the Mazda appears to be a lot more fun to drive. Still I never driven the Optima SX so I can t say for sure.

MrPicky400 16 March 2018

When I look around I see old Mazda cars from 1990 to 2000 like the 323 and 626 even rx7 and b2500 but I don t see any old kia. the Elantra, sephia,avella and Spectra are all covered down in someone garage,but this is just my country not sure about others places

李哲 21 March 2018

What a biased comparison is called? A commercial. Wasted my time here.

Francis Gallozzi 27 March 2018

for 2018, Mazda6 will offer 2.5 L gas engine, 2.2 L turbo diesel, 2.5 L turbo and AWD.

Jay Bee 31 March 2018

Good breakdown. Time for a longer whiteboard?

betomata4 05 April 2018

Your Wrong. Because Mazda Is Better Looking. Looks Matter

Brandon Dennis 08 April 2018

I bought the 2017 Optima FE. One hell of a car. A 11.3 to 1 compression 2.4 liter. Has ecco and Performance drive modes with a Push of a button. I went 430 miles on 11 gals of gas. I love it.

Matt W 13 April 2018

The warranty in Canada on the Mazda (3 year full comp unlimited mileage// 5 year power train unlimited mileage warranty) destroys KIA and the KIA will spend time in the shop. BTW the Mazda6 auto is a 6 speed dual clutch.

Jalen Rose41 19 April 2018

please do video how to negotiate and get big discounts in getting a brand new car. thanks

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