Purple patchouli tom ford

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John Michael 02 March 2018

I m stunned white suede didn t make the list.

Ahsan Ajmal 04 March 2018

Raydan perfume price in Pakistani Ropis, Plizz reply

jamell davis 07 March 2018

What do u think of the Soleni Blanc?

Kurt Baker 10 March 2018

Hey Steven.I got my first TF ever.Venetian Bergamot.intended to be used while at my marina.I like it.not necessarily “beastly” but nice.Any impressions?

Isaac Flores 12 March 2018

my girlfriend hates tobacco vanille on me, but its the one i get the most compliments on. it makes my top 5 list of all time fragrances!

anass zailaf 16 March 2018

Tobacco vanille it s my favorite to and I just bought it

The man with the golden gun 23 March 2018

Patchouli absolu is underrated and amazing

MoMedi420 27 March 2018

What are the star frrangrences behind you?

DMaster81 03 April 2018

My top 3 are basically 1A, 1B & 1C: TV, TL and Oud Wood. And Noir de Noir is a staple Valentines Day scent for me as well

MiloYellowknee 08 April 2018

Real surprised that Venetian Bergamot did not make it!

Jesus Zamora 11 April 2018

Did you ever get a bottle of Amber absolute in your collection?

Axxess Mundi 17 April 2018

Plum Japonais is tango in a bottle. It s a one on one milonga inviting anyone around your sillage for the next dance.

Jesus Zamora 20 April 2018

Quick question are there two different color types of juice for oud wood?

Nietzsches Muse 26 April 2018

Who does Roses & Chocolate please? Yesterday I got a sample of Noir de Noir n it is mysterious smell like black pepper outstanding.

MrYoumitube 01 May 2018

TF Tobacco Vanille, I m 50/50 sometimes I like it and then sometimes I just hate it because it is very pungent. Maybe it s because the Vanilla smells very synthetic? I much prefer how MFK and Guerlain use Vanilla in there fragerance.

Walter Van der Wahl 04 May 2018

Great review as always. I cannot wait to buy some more of these. I love Tobacco Vanille and Neroli Portofino- both are different but unique and well worth the price.

Dowzer 07 May 2018

any fragrance smell like cannabis?

16 blocks 12 May 2018

Tabaco oud is the best love it. Don t like the new tabaco oud intense to sweet and girly

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