Форд мустанг gt 500 элеонор

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  • Дата публикации: 07 January 2018
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  • Длительность: 00:01:37

В этом видео: секунда, элеанора, компания.


jakedizzle 08 January 2018

Fuck a Lamborghini or Ferrari. Eleanor. Gorgeous.

Big Chief 10 January 2018

This is the most beautiful car ever made period.

Shehzad Shams VLOGS 13 January 2018

WOOOOWWWW. Am biggest fan and passionate about old bikes and carss. love to see this video boss. :D My most most fav ford mustang is 1965 and 1967 / : <3. SheezO VLOGS

Allen Saunders 14 January 2018

mustangs leaving a car show run for your life the Eleanor looks fantastic the price must be astronomical

Bowlofarthritus 20 January 2018

Sorry, but as a Mustang fan, thats a true Shelby GT500. Not the one (s) at the end. I respect the legecy, but the students will always be second to the master

mohand prince 27 January 2018

the new one is bulshit its big fast not interesting in every thing ford must be build car like old days

Matthias 30 January 2018

GEIL - da kotzen sogar die Ferrari-Fahrer. ^^

luckyuhaul 02 February 2018

One of my favorite classics of all time: the Ford Mustang GT500 Eleanor from the famous video Gone in 60 seconds.

Christopher Cruz 09 February 2018

I can do a better mustang than that with my burn out 0_o

Rogerio 15 February 2018

quem sabe um dia eu consiga ter um desses p mim isso e que e CARRO

RIKKI R 20 February 2018

The video actually ends at 00:53

Sal Meza Rodriguez 23 February 2018

The guy on the red Ferrari was like I think it was a big mistake to buy this piece of shit I should of bought that Shelby instead haha

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