Форд фокус st 2016 цена

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  • Дата публикации: 09 May 2018
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Professor Von 09 May 2018

I just bought my 2017 st1 today and now I feel like I should’ve got a st2 or st3. But the price was perfect. 17k wasn’t to bad with less then 1000 miles on it.

seth alton 10 May 2018

Just a heads up. There s a guy that sells an aftermarket stereo that fits right into the ST1 stock stereo location rebel devil customs Helps with the outdated feel.

Chad Bandis 14 May 2018

Would anyone be interested in buying some aftermarket Focus ST spec wheels? They re 18 ASA GT10 and I bought them from tire rack.

Ernesto Murillo 20 May 2018

I m in search of a four door, manual transmission, gas efficient, comfortable, fun and good looking car, can anyone suggest something? 25,000 is my budget. Please help.

Radsor Alesso 25 May 2018

I got confused. Is he the subwrxfan?

Joshua Stabach 30 May 2018

Matt, I honestly think your in the top of the top talent for YouTube car reviews. You walk viewers through the car and driving experience in a way that really lets one picture what sitting in the car would actually feel like. Thanks for saving me some trips to the dealer to take a few out myself.

KalonJB 02 June 2018

I actually like the 13-14 s look more than these ones. Especially the tail lights

The Nightfire 08 June 2018

I plan on getting one of these when I get out of college. This review was very helpful.

djrowlee 10 June 2018

Only do a manual? What about the Focus?

Cris Landeros 12 June 2018

focus st or sit which one is a better sports car

Heiko Killinger 19 June 2018

Thanks for the review! I am currently getting ready to pick one up, can t wait to test drive it and keep an eye out for what you mentioned :)

TheFunkhouser 22 June 2018

In two minds to buy one of these or the VW Golf R32 O_o But 318k following, nice one bud. Just the in-cam cabin buffering, other than that. nice! :)

tommy d u b b s 23 June 2018

If you were to pull the sides of the front end forward. youd get a mustang

sjwang40 26 June 2018

Matt s been hitting the gym but skipping leg day. Also, aren t those the base non-Recaro seats?

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