2015 ford st focus

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Jake J 09 May 2018

10:20 is enough of a reason to not buy the Ford. Soft rear suspension sounds good on paper. It is not. It leans so much it pulls the inside rear wheel completely off the ground in a fairly normal turn. That s bad in every way possible.

Daniel Schuller 16 May 2018

That jump alone deserves a double like!

transmorpher 19 May 2018

I don t know what twit you got to drive that day but I consistently hit 0-60 at 5.6 - 5.9 in my Focus which I only paid 22,000 for.

Altrai Govender 24 May 2018

2017 focus ST looks way better than the brx

Harambe 27 May 2018

I’m a HUGE subie fan and still. this thing just looks wrong. I miss the bug eye days

Connor Janeu 02 June 2018

Focus ST is so awesome, just wish it came in AWD. It would be lighter, more maneuverable than the WRX then. Focus RS is AWD but 10,000 dollars more. Tough decision.

Alienhead 09 June 2018

Did I just watch a video where a FWD was put up against an AWD? And you expected what? This is not entertainment. This is. Well we don t have anything decent to cover lets do something stupid for the sycophants.

steve thomas 13 June 2018

WHERE IS THE HATCHBACK? I have a 02, bought new.

greenrolaids 14 June 2018

why the fart noises during the wrx canyon run?

TheDark Nite 20 June 2018

A great reliable fun and sexy WRX to a white trash Ford? Pleazzzze!

Tristen Totten 26 June 2018

At 4.41 the rear left wheel comes off the ground int he corner. Dayumn

Manic_Man 02 July 2018

Ya know, it s really sad, and granted it did get me a little bit, but I kept up with a new WRX on a curvy forest back road in New England.in a stock New Edge Mustang GT. And before you say it, yes, he was trying to shake me.

11green11 06 July 2018

old vid, old model subie, same warm feeling 😊

Austin Becker 09 July 2018

Great Comparison! Love the videos from Motortrend. Agree on the looks of the Focus ST, but the WRX can hold the road really well. I owned an older Forester, and that AWD system was so confidence inspiring. I totally want to drive on a road like this someday and jump a car like that!

thomas womack 11 July 2018

love my wrx.and my old legacy and my new brz.subies rule!

Lee PROPHETT 16 July 2018

that was the best ending to a motor trend video I think Ive ever seen

Ben 21 July 2018

Looks like they almost spun out after landing that jump in the WRX :o Nice Recovery.

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