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jason O 11 April 2018

Love your videos keep making more!

Twiggyay 12 April 2018

First summer with my Merc, and i suspect something s wrong. 20C outside on my way to work today and with the AC on full i could not get my cabin cold, only comfy. Goddamnit.

Atif Hussain 14 April 2018

How can I remove my Car s deep paint scratches without paying visit to denter?

changomoreno13 17 April 2018

What makes my truck make a popping noise when I turn my Ac on?

Charlie Yard Service 20 April 2018

Quick question and I need an answer from an experienced tech. Does leaving the A.C. switch on in your car matter when you shut off your car. Does this shorten the life of your compressor? Any takers on this question?

Paul Grimm 25 April 2018

I like your videos Scotty. Great work

Michael King 28 April 2018

Scotty helps you check the parts. Chris helps you flush it

Tacoma FAN 30 April 2018

you done this video twice already

Delawanna 02 May 2018

I don t know if you ll read this, but thank you for this channel!

MPLS SHOOTER 08 May 2018

Hello Scotty, I changed the ac condensor because it was in a minor front accident. I recharged the system But still blowing warm and ac compressor I don’t hear 👂 or see it coming on? It was overcharged and I let some out. please help anyone

TheCharm1ed 10 May 2018

Is that your normal speaking voice. No need to yell while talking

77MrAH 17 May 2018

I always thought Scotty was a nice guy. I see he has a cat, that s it official then. 👍🏻

77MrAH 22 May 2018

I d love to see a show with Scotty and Ed China. That would be tv gold. Netflix should sign them up!

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