Кастрол масло для бмв

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Jesse White 10 May 2018

Hi, can you do castrol vs mobil 1 engine oil?

Montreal hey 16 May 2018

400 degree and glas not melting nice test fake asf

Macho khan 18 May 2018

I have bmw 320d f30 which the best engine oil. Can anyone suggest.

Not Here 19 May 2018

I dont get it. Bmw uses castrol in all there cars and mini cars.

Andreas_rxp300 24 May 2018

Video is waste of time. Kept just because of music

hazzmatt300 30 May 2018

I did not know BMW engines run at 400 degrees oh wait they don t​ so this test does not prove anything.

Luca Fuoco 03 June 2018

Anyone claiming that an engine will never see 400 C is an ignorant idiot. Piston rings and turbos see temperatures as high as 600 C under heavy acceleration in almost any engine!

J P 07 June 2018

Do a test with Liqui Moly and AMS OIL!

biok2006 12 June 2018

At 400 your will be dead, full of smoke and all lights on in dash. Bmw oil is better in real conditions You edited the video we dont know what do you put inside bmw oil So fuck off

Jordain Quklu 14 June 2018

Quality of bmw. 😂 as good as their cars 😄

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