Bmw e30 v12 conversion

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  • Дата публикации: 06 May 2018
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inthepocket 07 May 2018

Nice work, a little ott for me but nice all the same.

Joumana Abbas 12 May 2018

وشو النفع بعد كل هالفيديو وما شفنا قوة السياره او ما شفنا فيديو تمشي فيه السياره

Alejandro acosta 16 May 2018

What car computer did u use to make the motor work on the car

Il Capitano Alexandr 23 May 2018

Hahahahahah wuuuw I used to hear that first music when kid (10yo)! Thank you for remembering me, all the emotions that I ve had in the past, and naturally for sharing that Masterpiece! (Btw what is the name of the music and author)? Klass? David deejay I do not remember 😂

ManinoS 27 May 2018

That Green Color for a beast like E30? u have no ideas what u doing trust me (-.-)

omar k. 30 May 2018

I loved you video, hard work is rewarded, if you need any help with computer problems or low cost parts or have any question feel free to contact me,

A Amd 02 June 2018

Très très bon travail 🗽un TGV 🎲 0 ▶ 100 km en combien 🔧🛠🛡🏁☣💯

Monster The Kid 03 June 2018

Built not bought👍👍👍 Ugly bodykits and paint job, but the rest was straight G. Give me an update if you still have it 👍 👍

Supra TT 10 June 2018

So much stupid money went in this build you should just bought real M3 evolution 2

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