Bmw 2 series active tourer

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  • Дата публикации: 22 April 2018
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  • Длительность: 00:07:12


priyatham yalla 22 April 2018

This look like a tata nexa or a cheap car.learn 4m audi bmw

Andrew Samy 26 April 2018

So it s just a redesigned mini contryman by BMW

N!CK GANAVAS 29 April 2018

Why does it have to be front wheel drive? Why are these called M.P.V s it looks like a hatchback.

GTI Encores 05 May 2018


markyhabs 11 May 2018

Kindly when showing back seat space move the front seats all the way forward otherwise it s useless

bestman 17 May 2018

Mat u forgot to mention the design. How ugly it is

Marco Prins 23 May 2018

The camera view inside is so bendy! What the hell?

RaumaOffYeah 29 May 2018

i find the Mercedes B class better looking.

Deckard Shaw 03 June 2018

front wheel drive is gay, sorry.a bmw user.

Firemarioflower 05 June 2018

Rahter have the original, the new Kia Carens.

1100HondaCB 11 June 2018

Both concepts regarding the 2 series are awful.

IN Kanal 14 June 2018

bmw copy a mercedes b class just copy merc is soo much better less mpg comfortable spaceship and so so

Adam N 16 June 2018

Is it me or is there no plastic trim to cover inside door upper to cover outside paint colour? Another first for a modern BMW, and not a good one in my opinion.

jirodrigues jirodrigues 19 June 2018

Lovely car. Ive drove one, spacious nice fit and finish and very good on the corners. Im in my thirtys, I would have hate it ten years ago. Im getting old

Mee 20 June 2018

Never mind it being FWD it looks really ugly from all angles. BMWs used to be so well designed and engineered but now I hate most cars they make.

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