2017 7 series bmw

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  • Дата публикации: 24 April 2018
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carwow 25 April 2018

Save an extra £2,000 on a BMW 7 Series with BMW’s scrappage scheme. Find out how here:

Javed 26 April 2018

I have to admit, I am really enjoying watching this video, your presenting is awesome

World Peace 02 May 2018

Matt the type of guy to hire a BMW 7 Series as a dj to a wedding, and then offer it some vodka

bamlin52 03 May 2018

I wouldn t buy a new one. They lose so much money. But anyway a great car.

sirajudeen Shamsudeen 08 May 2018

HI MAT this car auto this vehice

Ameer Khan 14 May 2018

Right side steering? I m from India

Cliff Gamer007 15 May 2018

Tesla should build a Luxury limo like the S-class/ 7 Series.

Vakas M 19 May 2018

interior is the worst part of this car

S S 24 May 2018

Loving the humour in your reviews mixed with good factual info. Keep it up

Arnav Rawat 30 May 2018

your new daily driver is the audi rs 4

** Marmite ** 02 June 2018

Jheeze cars are so gimmicky nowadays

Chris Reece 06 June 2018

Having driven both the S class and 7 series.BMWs always out drive. They are a driver s car. I was privileged enough to own a late 5 series with a big inline six mated to a six speed manual when stationed in Germany and it is/was the best driving car I have ever owned to this day

Emmanuel Badajos 09 June 2018

I just subscribed! you re not like other reviewers, with their obnoxious tone.

OMGz1122 15 June 2018

Yea I ll have to get the executive rear seats, I m carrying my wife, she s the VIP

SA13 20 June 2018

I have around 550 eur loss in crypto market right now

Sheikh Bitcoin 23 June 2018

S class 2018 interior trumps this

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